The Macaron Revolution

Macaron’s are so good they are great. If you walk around New York City, you’ll see a Macaron shop around every corner.

Macaron’s are the luxury dessert we all deserve. The Macaron shop is your number one source for fake Macarons. Can you say mmm?

The History

I don’t really know the history of the Macaron. All I know is they are colorful and people really, really like them. I’ve personally never eaten one and maybe never will. I do wonder what the rave is all about though.

If you know any thing about the Macaron and how it became so popular in the United States, please do share. Until I have a really good reason to eat one, I’ll stick to ice cream and chocolate chip cookies.


  1. Why do people eat Macarons?
  2. Why are they different colors?
  3. Are they really expensive?
  4. Who created the Macaron?